Steel Rail

Steel Rail

We are the leading agent of Anshan Steel & Iron Group Factory, Baotou Steel & Iron Group Factory and other large-scale steel factories in China, mainly deal with heavy rail, light rail, crane rail of Chinese Standard, Janpanese Standard, British Standard and the nonstandard rails, in the following Material and specifications:
1. Light Rail
Specification: 12kg/m,15kg/m, 18kg/m, 22kg/m, 24kg/m, 30kg/m
Unit Weight: 12.2kg/m, 15.2kg/m, 18.06kg/m, 22.3kg/m, 24.46kg/m, 30.1kg/m
Length: 6-12m
Material: Q235, 50Q, 55Q
Standard: YB222-63, GB11264-89
2. GB Heavy Rail
Specification: 38kg/m, 43kg/m, 50kg/m
Unit Weight: 38.733kg/m, 44.653kg/m, 51.514kg/m
Length: 12.5m
Material: 50Mn, U71Mn
Standard: GB2585-81
3. Crane Rail
Specification: QU70, QU80, QU100, QU120
Unit Weight: 52.80kg/m, 63.69kg/m, 88.96kg/m, 118.8 kg/m
Length: 12m
Material: U71Mn
Standard: GB3426-82
4. Japan & Korea Standard Rail
Specification: 37A, 50N, CR73
Unit Weight: 37.2kg/m, 50.4kg/m, 73.3kg/m
Length: 10, 12m
Material: U71Mn
Standard: KSB8106-80, JIS E1101-93
5. South Africa Standard Rail
Specification: 22, 30
Unit Weight: 22.542kg/m, 30.25kg/m
Length: 9m
Material: 55Q
Standard: South Africa standard
6. English Standard Rail
Specification: BS75R, BS80A, BS113A
Unit Weight: 37.4kg/m, 39.761kg/m, 56.398kg/m
Length: 8-12m
Material: U71Mn
Standard: BS11:1985
7. India Standard Rail
Specification: CR80, CR100
Unit Weight: 63.69kg/m, 88.96kg/m
Length: 12m
Material: U71Mn
Standard: GB3426-82
  In addition, our subordinate Rail Processing Factory can undertake the business of processing of heavy rail, light rail and crane rail. At the same time, our factory can do steel rail straightening, drilling, cutting, bevel cutting, bending process and so on.. We sincerely hope to establish business relationship with all of the customers from domestic and overseas market.

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